This article was written by Povak. Please do not add to this fiction without the writer's permission.

Affiliation Shadow Titan
Weapons Blades
Status Immortal
Location Unknown

Viro is a member of the Shadow Titans.

Viro is a cousin of Fastdrive, so he has his own bike and speeds past limits.


Viro used to be a crazy-bot. He was crazy for his deeds, for instance, lighting things on fire ramdomly,etc. Soon he was hired and upgraded by Aktan. Viro soon alied with his own cousin, Fastdrive and trained in assassination. Viro, allied with his minions, caused many havoc under the command of Aktan.


Viro is a crazy-minded bot who would jump off a cliff just to have fun. He is a well trained assasin who has skills with vehicles.


(Out of 50)
Strength: 35
Agility: 50
Toughness: 35
Mind: 15

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