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Von Nebula






Von Ness was a cowardly Hero who betrayed the Hero Factory, and later transformed himself into the powerful entity Von Nebula. He is one of the first Villains to have caused major conflict(s) in Makuhero City.


Fall of Magma Moon

Von Nebula made his debut in Fall of Magma Moon - yet appeared for only a short period of time at the climax. He was released by two Waspix Insects from a prison in Makuhero City. The two Waspix' distracted several guards - yet were ultimately killed themselves, allowing Von Nebula to escape and begin a new, devastating plan - which would occur in The Vengeance Attack.

The Vengeance Attack

After Von Nebula escaped prison, newspaper writers were forced to dupe everyone with a fake story on what had happened. It was being said that Von Nebula had been recaptured and the guards that tried to stop him were only slightly injured. In addition, they made a complete lie by saying that any other stories were not true. To top everything off, Akiyama Makuro made a public news announcement, stating that "Von Nebula was not a threat " in order to keep everyone in Makuhero City calm.

Alternate Universes

Hero Factory Alternative Storyline

(See Von Nebula (VNT) For Details)

In the Alternative Storyline, Von Nebula had gathered another team of villains, with which he again haunted the universe.



Strength: 22
Agility: 23
Toughness: 25
Mind: 22


"The world will tremble when I have my revenge!"
―Von Nebula
"You won't be saying that once I start draining your Hero Cores."
―Von Nebula to Stormer and Furno
"Mr. Makuro's precious Quaza will enhance my black hole ten-thousand times!"
―Von Nebula to Stormer and Furno
"Vengeance ... is ... mine."
―--Von Nebula, The Vengeance Attack intro
"Well, if it isn't Von Nutcase."
―Stormer to Von Nebula
"Here I reign secure, and in my mind, to reign is worth ambition. Yet in other cases, it's better then reigning anywhere else. Better to feel sorry for your past actions, Heroes. They have been your last, most futile attempts at living."
―Von Nebula, The Vengeance Attack


―Ceasame and Von Nebula [src]
"Spaaaare me. What did I ever do wrong, I must know. I was just born and you expected me to do so much, when I was so young. Why, Thresher, why would you be so cruel?"


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