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Voodoo Paradox Spirals
Position Near the Aligned Chaos Cascade
Size Small
Population N/A
Status In Existence

The Voodoo Paradox Spirals are a twin pair of black holes that were violently ripped open by a collapse of gravity, timespace, and matter. They have earned their name due to the fact that they paradoxically feed off each other, yet are able to sustain themselves and continue existing. They originally started out as two normal black holes but they were drawn to each other (via each other's gravitational pull) and got caught in an endless cycle.


The Voodoo Paradox Spirals were drawn together early in the history of the universe, and are among the oldest black holes in existence. The black holes were once praised and worshipped as almighty entities (referred to as the "voodoo high-lords") by a civilization of primitive beings that resided on a planet that existed near the Spirals, though this world was eventually consumed by the ancient black holes when it was pulled in by their gravitational pulls.

The Spirals eventually gained some kind of spacial link with the Aligned Chaos Cascade. The Hero Factory eventually took note of the Spirals, and had their scientific experts create a method that limited the range of the gravitational pull of the Spirals, in order to prevent them from posing serious danger to nearby galaxies and star systems. All ship travel through and near the Spirals was banned by the Hero Factory, and the region has been classified as a no-travel zone.


  • The idea of the paradoxical nature of the Voodoo Paradox Spirals was originally suggested by user ThatDevilGuy.