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"You? Save us all? I'll tell you what's up, Xaedan. Infernum's laughing at us all."
―Vyander Clockwork, Madness:Culmination
Vyander Clockwork
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Vyander Clockwork (pronounced Vie-YAN-duhr [Vie rhymes with dye]) is one of the oldest Heroes still serving Hero Factory, and is a senior member of the famed Tau-4 team.


Before the Brain Attack

Vyander was created as an experiment in the Assembly Tower, back then just a glorified weapons factory. The experiment was thus: Was a sentient robot able to fight off crime? The answer is clear, as we can see from what Hero Factory has become.

Vyander is the last of those first experiments. He's literally been through it all, having many hundreds, if not thousands of missions completed over his fifty-year career, and he is still going strong.

As the years piled on, Vyander was greatly valued for his tactical prowess and battle experience. He's changed teams many times, in order to lend some of that knowledge to promising Heroes. In fact, he was the Deputy Leader of the team Kirk Thresher was in while a rookie.

As the twin disasters of the Breakout and the Brain Attack struck, Vyander was needed more than ever. A huge influx of Heroes were created during the Brain Attack, so he was assigned to a team that is greatly respected, the Tau-4. There, he mentored future greats, such as Xaedan Smokestack, Kaixin Utopia, and Valentina Jinx.

After the Brain Attack

Along with Dustin Cyclops and Caine Tungsten, Vyander's had a good run with the Tau-4, staying in the team for over a decade.

Nothing, however, would prepare him for this disaster.

Vyander's story, along with the rest of the Tau-4's, continues in the Madness Series.

Weaponry Detail

Arm-mounted Tesla cannon: Old, antique, powerful. A perfect blend of firepower and firing frequency, this is the weapon that makes Vyander a feared presence on the battlefield, especially in group fights. Like all Tesla cannons, Vyander's spits out bolts of lightning that chain-hit numerous targets. Some reports have shown a group of eleven individuals hit by a single bolt from Vyander's cannon.

Rocket crossbow: Another weapon from ages past, but still useful, even compared with modern standards. What it lacks in rate of fire, it makes up in its huge blast radius and accuracy. The Rocket crossbow combines the reliability of a tradition crossbow, and a bazooka, making it deadly in Vyander's hands.

Turbine jetpack: Has a similar function to Dustin's. It is designed for short bursts, and can propel the user in one, long jump.

The Synapses Log: This Log is able to predict thoughts a single target will have in the future. More info can be found here.


Never in the limelight, yet always there, somewhere, behind the scenes. That just about sums up Vyander's personality. In all of his years as a Hero, he has never sought fame. But, of course, when you're in the Hero buisness for as long as Vyander, fame naturally follows. However, unlike most, he hates being famous. He views being a Hero as simply that. He is simply a servant for the defenseless.

Vyander is also a team player. His many years of service is a testimony to that. Even his refusal of being the Deputy Leader speaks about his wanting only to help rookies, not to lead them around.

Such a meek personality, however, does have its drawbacks. Perhaps he is a bit too withdrawn at times, not speaking when he should have corrected a fellow Tau-4 team member.


Maximum value of 12.

Strength: 10
Agility: 10
Toughness: 10
Mind: 12

Tournament Standings

Vyander usually places eighth or seventh during the Tau-4 Monthly Tournaments.

  • His arms and armor are really not meant for head-to-head combat.
  • Moreover, he has not been granted any melee weapons, other than his power fist.
  • His tesla cannon is also unwieldy at point blank range.



  • Ever since Bub made the MOC "Scrap", a Syndicate member, he has always wanted to make a Hero with a steampunk feel. And so, Vyander was made.

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