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"You think you can tell me what to do, cutey?"
―Warlord to customer


Growing up in bad parts of his planet, Warlord grew up ruthless. His real name is Alma City, but he changed his name to Warlord when he got a gang together and overthrew his planet's dictator, having known no love for it when he was little. He ruled his planet with an iron fist, crushing all rebellions that popped up, but he eventually got bored and left to lead a small gang of misfits for hire. They usually just go on rampages, destroy villages, or commit mass murder. They eventually got enough money were they retired, only doing missions for fun, but if you want to hire them, you must find them.


  • Left Arm: Saber Rifle
  • Right Arm: Spiked Plate(shoulder), "Horn Knuckles".
  • Chest: 2 Small Spikes
  • Shoulder: Large Spikes
  • Feet: Large Claws


Extremely violent and ruthless, the "take-no-prisoners" kind of attitude.


Maximum value of 10

{{Stats| |Strength=8 |


  • "Take no prisoners!"
  • "How much?"
  • "We will rule our planet once again!"


  • He refuses to kill a women with a gun
  • He has a tendency to turn on the people that hits him

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