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Electrowhip, Unimotorcycle



"Whipcrack! Don't even talk to me about that guy! He is the most crazy, lunatic, insane villain I have ever met. He also destroyed most of my team."
―Charlie Kaboom on Whipcrack

Whipcrack was an insane villain who terrorised most of his planet.


Early Life

Whipcrack was originally a civilian who was diagnosed with having RIV (Robotic Immunodeficiency Virus) which would have killed him. Luckily, at the time they had discovered a type of medicine which would keep you alive. But the medicine had some unfortunate side effects. Whipcrack was one of the worst off. The medicine didn't distort his body or eat him from the inside out, but it drove him insane. He "borrowed" an ElectroWhip and went on a rampage.

Later Life

Whipcrack became much more dangerous, for he had stolen more tech and eventually created the Whipcrack Unibike, which was a motorbike with one wheel. Whipcrack, who had somehow (probably by using drugs) acquired super strength, could actually use the bike as a weapon!

Since the rumours that Infinite might attack Makuhero City, Whipcrack has been trying to gather an army of villains to take him down.

Abilities and Traits

Whipcrack was very very powerful, made worse by his Whipcrack Unibike, which added speed into the mix.

He had a tendency to cough and splutter when talking, due to the RIV inside his body and the medicine. He always carried around a syringe and bottles for the syringe, from which he regularly injected medicine into himself to survive.


Whipcrack was nuts. Insane. Mad as a hatter. Marble-less. Cuckoo. Gaga. Barking. Off his rocker. But he was very very clever. And he hated everything, even himself.


"Heroes! Well *cough* I'll kill you if you*splutter* interfere any *cough*more!"
―Whipcrack to the Ultra Team
"But, *cough* Infinite will soon be *splutter* *cough* back! Do *cough cough* you want to *splutter* die?!?"
―Whipcrack (desperately) to Iceslasher
"Infinite? Listen*cough* to me! You get *splutter*lost! This is *hack* our universe to *cough*terrorise! So if *splutter* you don't get lost, you*cough hack splutter* will face my *cough* villain army!"
―Whipcrack, at the head of his villain army, to Infinite