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Welcome to the Project:Wiki Breakout section of the REBOOT project. Below, you will find the list of users assigned to their specific letter. 

The user in charge of this project is DeltaStriker. Contact him on his talk page if you have any questions or concerns.

The proposed completion date of this project is: Feburary 23rd, the wiki's anniversary.


Once you are assigned a letter, you are then responsible for all pages under that letter. Your instruction are simple. Look at each page, correct any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. If you are capable, fix any template or formatting errors.

If you come across a page that contains a very small amount of information, then mark it for deletion by using this template: {{delete}}. Simply type that anywhere on the to-be-deleted page. An admin will come around every 24 hours to delete marked pages. As a rule of thumb, a page should be instantly deleted if it contains less than 125 words.

You will be given about 4-5 days to complete all your pages in your letter. Once you are complete, give a talk message to DeltaStriker, and he will assign you the next letter.

Assigned Letters

You may find list of pages in alphabetical order here.

Non-alphabet characters - DeltaStriker (Complete)

A - ChineseLegolas (Complete)

B - Starscream7 (Complete)

C - Bioniclezilla76

D - Ottax14 (Complete)

E - Zanywoop (Complete)

F - BobTheDoctor27/Starscream7 (Complete)

G - OonieCacola (Complete)

H - Mr.invisable/Starscream7 (Complete)

I - DeltaStriker

J - ThePurpleDragonNinja/Starscream7 (Complete)

K - Starscream7 (Complete)

L - OonieCacola (Complete)

M - Starscream7 (Complete)

N - Starscream7 (Complete)

O - Lord Magdeath (Complete)

P - ChineseLegolas

Q - Lord Magdeath (Completed)

R - Zanywoop (Completed)

S - Starscream7 (Completed)

T - OonieCacola (Complete)

U - Zanywoop (Completed)

V - Lord Magdeath

W - Starscream7 (Completed)

X - Starscream7 (Completed)

Z - Starscream7 (Completed)

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