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"For Habot. You Monster."
―Furno, Talking To Akiyama Makuro.
William Furno
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William Furno is a Hero working for the Hero Factory.


Furno once was one of the heroes to recieve a .X System modification. More information about this modification can be found by looking at the Furno 2.1 page.

William Furno assisted in the capture of Von Nebula, Fire Lord, Witch Doctor, Black Phantom, and the mysterious brain master. He is the model many rookies were based off of.

He is the founder and CEO of Habot Incorporated, Hero Factory's largest rival, and along with his friends Mark Surge and Preston Stormer, Habot's stakeholder.

Abilities and Traits

William Furno is gifted with leadership abilities, but that doesn't mean he can't take orders. He is tied for most villain captures with Rocka.


He also is apart of the H.S.D.N., in other words he just looks at the bombs for two seconds a week. So, he is kind of sort of a member.


Furno once wielded a Dual Fire Shooter as a 1.0 Hero, and would later weild a Multi-Tool Fire Shield as a 2.0 Hero. As a 3.0 Hero, he weilded a Plasma Bow, and as a 4.0 Hero, he weilded a Plasma Gun, a harpoon and a pair of Hero-Cuffs.

Strength: 14
Agility: 15
Toughness: 16
Mind: 13



LEGO® Hero Factory Fox Sports - Finale02:31

LEGO® Hero Factory Fox Sports - Finale

Furno saves the day

Hero Factory Furno vs JawBlade (HD 1080p, only USA)02:06

Hero Factory Furno vs JawBlade (HD 1080p, only USA)


  • Furno's cape in the brain attack form is actually made from steel thin enough to bend and cut but unbreakable.

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