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Cyber-Furno XL
Affiliation Hero Factory, Alpha-XL Team
Ranged Weaponry Throwing Knives
Guns "Gutwrencher" B-10 Shotgun, Shoulder-mounted Cordak-class missile launcher, Should-mounted Javelin-class missile launcher
Melee Weaponry Inferno Lance
Colours Red, silver, blue, cyan, black, grey
Location Makuhero City
Status Alive
Aliases "Young Blood"
Other Equipment Jetpack, Promethium Wall Shield

Furno XL, or William Furno XL, was the fifth Alpha Team member to wear a permanent XL suit. However, his suit is an experimental design, sacrificing some armor for increased offensive capabilites. So far, this has worked very well.


Furno XL`s Cordak-class missile launcher comes from a very, very old style of missile launcher. However, the design was copied, and refurbished, leanding it much more firepower. Since it is wrist mounted, this increases the flexibility, and can be aimed at a distant target, as well as point-blank. Furno XL's flare lance is attached to his power fist, and both are equally deadly. The power fist is able to pummel an enemy into next week with a few well-placed blows. However, the flare lance is a different story. It is able to heat itself to a temperature hot enough to easily shred through duranium (approx. 38x denser than steel). Flames running along the blade of this weapon is not an uncommon sight. His fighting style differs greatly from his 3.0 form. Instead of shooting at enemies from afar, his XL suit and weapons are designed for closing in with his enemies and cutting them down with a series of fast slashes, explosions, and fire.

Recent Missions

Furno XL has had only 2 missions since donning his XL suit. He is currently on a mission with the rest of the XL-Alpha team.

He has experience with the DeathThorn, as well as dealing with Silverjaw.

Additional Abilites

Furno XL is still the smart, confident Hero he has always been. He continues to apply all his effort into all his endavours, but with one crucial difference. Instead of injuring himself thorugh a risky manuever, his XL suit often saves from serious harm. However, Furno XL will have to watch himself in the future. One big slip-up, and...terrible things could transpire.


Strength: 19
Agility: 19
Toughness: 14
Mind: 17


William Furno XL appears in Infernum , along with the rest of the XL-Alpha team.

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