William Furno (King Joe)
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Furno 2.1 is one of the .X System modifications of William Furno.


Furno was once modified with older 1.0 parts as part of the .X project. This created an almost perfect fusion of 1.0 and 2.0 technology, and was being considered as a full upgrade. This form was only used for a few missions, before the parts were too damaged to restore. He was returned to 2.0 form just before the release of the 3.0 animal upgrade.


Furno 2.1 had the ability to fly, due to a pair of old Fire Blasters attached to his back. Having two hero cores (one just a duplicate of his own) enabled him to generate a Hero Cell on his own as well.


Furno still carried his Mulitfunctional Ice Sheild, only slightly modified.


Furno 2.1 is the first mod of an exsisting character that King Joe has ever made.


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