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Winston Breez
Winston Breez

Hero Factory, Delta Team


XPWR-VI Rifle, Throwing Daggers




Planet 107

"Listen, I don't like this anymore then you do, but it's our duty as Heroes to do it."
―Winston Breez to Tim Spike in Rise Of Overlord [src]

Winston Breez is Natalie Breez's brother and the Leader of Delta Team.


Rise Of Overlord

Breez was sent to Planetoid 465 along with the rest of his team, following a tip from Maedria Black's undercover mission. The team was shot down and forced to traverse across the barren wasteland. They soon stumbled across Blitzer's fortress and entered through the plumbing system.

Breez and Robert Freeze were ambushed by Blitzer and his drones. They were overcome and thrown into the same cell as Black, who had also been captured. The trio manage to escape and catch up with the Spikes, and together they followed Blitzer to Planet 107. Upon discovery of a massive fortress on the planet, the team infiltrated it. They have not been heard from since.


Winston carries a rare XPWR-VI Rifle. He also has a pair of Throwing Daggers for melee/close-ranged combat. He wears Vacuum Resistant Armor.


Breez is a devoted Hero and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. However, he will not place those under his command in potentially fatal situations, saving the most dangerous tasks for himself.