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Wolferien Beast
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The Wolferien Beast is a savage animal that hides in darkness. It is a creature out of a nightmare that stalks the night.


The beast was first discovered when unexplained attacks took place around the galaxy. Heroes and creatures of all kinds were hurt bad, but never quite to death. Eventually people began to suspect a new group of villains had been formed, and investigations began. Soon, the Hero Factory concluded it was a far more dangerous and sneaky creature, having lost 3 heroes during the hunt. After numerous other attacks, one hero was walking around Makuhero city one night when he stumbled into a dimly lit light. The hero saw the beast, twice the height of a hero with multiple claws and a mouth full of teeth. After that night, more and more reports came in detailing the beast, including pictures. Luckily, as more information was found, less attacks occurred, but the beast has remained hidden.
Hero Factory MOC Wolferien Beast

Hero Factory MOC Wolferien Beast

It's the BEAST!!!!!


It is assumed that the beast can warp between dimensions and back through use of the darkness. It is rumored that it can blast dark energy with energy it harnesses from nightmares. It can also transform from a four-legged creature into a six-legged crawling monster.


  • The Beast is presumed (and hoped) to be the only one of its kind
  • This was probably the most complex of OonieCacola's Bionic-Force Factory's creations.
  • The Beast is known to attack either in pure darkness or broad daylight, because it disappears fast.