Wolfspike, also known as the Spiked Nightmare, is a former Hero who was mutated by Venokara venom. He was cured by Jason Vul Cano and is currently coping with the Breakout.


Wolfspike was created right after Jason Vul Cano was finished. He and Cano always had a friendly rivalry with each other, and he was often paired with Cano often on missions. He was a part of Omega 5 team, and was leader along side Cano. He was the main gunner of the team.

Mission To Quatros

Wolfspike was sent to Quatros to patrol an area on the planet. He accidentally stumbled upon a Venokara nest and was immediately mutated by them. He grew spikes and a stinger.

Wolfspike and Cano Meet

Cano fought off the king and queen of the Venokaras, and right after they were defeated Wolfspike jumped at him and almost killed Cano, but he recognized his old friend and held back. He and Cano went to Fort Lightningrod and Cano gave him the cure. He was later picked up by Alpha Team.


Wolfspike is currently coping with the Breakout.


Wolfspike was equipped with two shoulder-mounted cannons. When he was mutated, he grew spikes and a long tail with a stinger on the tip.

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