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The XL-er is a machine made by Oli Death to turn normal Heroes in to XL heroes .This machine does The XL-ing automaticaly. If you want to shrink someone or make them larger than XL you have to do it manually. The only two ways to manually use the machine are overriding it with a U-key or getting Oli to manually do it through his mental machine override ability.

How It Works

The Hero gets in to the XL-er and puts their whole body (excluding the head) in to the star position and the ghost warp rings lock around the hero. Then a super strong metal that stops the spirits of heroes from passing through covers over the body exposing only the head. The ghost rings then activate, and turns the the hero's body in to ghost matter which takes up as much space as possible. The XL-er then adjusts to the XL hero size, and the ghost matter spreads in to the XL body shaped mold (as metioned before ghost matter spreads where ever it can go). The ghost matter then sets after the ghost rings de-activate and the hero's body sets as an XL.

Used on

  • Oli Death in to XXXL. 
  • E-CORIX 9.5 XL into E-corix 9.5. 
  • Numerous Heroes now XL's.