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Xaedan Smokestack
Xaedandone (2)
Ranged Weaponry None
Melee Weaponry Mk II "Dragon" power fist
Guns Four back-mounted "Reaper" mortar cannons
General Information
Affiliation Hero Factory
Color(s) Red, Metru Red, black, grey, silver, chrome
Current Status Alive, active
Location Makuhero City
Misc. Information
Alias(es) "The Tenth", "The Ninth" (formerly)
Other Equipment "Tri-beam" pattern rockets, The Introvert Log
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Xaedan Smokestack  joined, as rookie Hero, the Tau-4 team during the Brain Attack.


Xaedan's past is perhaps one of the most complex and obscure ones in all of Hero Factory. Spanning nearly 25 years, it contains memory wipes, Fiends, and a very unique relationship with the very person responsible for his extremely convoluted life.

Early History

It is not known for certain where Xaedan was created. Reports are conflicting, as some say in the Assembly Tower, while others say in Infernum. While Caine Tungsten couldn't confirm this fact from his memories of the prison, the Hero Factory reports have clearly been tampered. This part of Xaedan's life will most likely remain a mystery.

From what Xaedan has said, he was once an Infernum Guard, but he was in the prison before Caine was created. As such, he has had much experience with the horrors of the prison. Including dealing with Fiends.

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The following events pertain to Imprisonment With a Fiend


During Brain Attack

After the events of Imprisonment With a Fiend, Xaedan had a memory bug implanted. All traces of his time in Infernum was wiped, and he quickly extracted from Infernum.

After being retrained as a rookie, he was then placed under the leadership of Caine Tungsten, another former Infernum Guard, on the prestigious Tau-4 team. 

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The following events pertain to Consorting With a Fiend

However, it seems fate had an interesting sense of humour. Xaedan was then assigned a mission: to go BACK into Infernum, and investigate the strange energy readings there. It was a solo mission.

There, he meets the same Fiend from all those years ago: "Mary". He does not recognize her, but she does, yet, does not give away this fact.

After Brain Attack

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The following events pertain to Reconciliation With a Fiend

Years pass, and Xaedan and "Mary" enjoy a strong, albeit very odd, bond. However, one event in Xaedan's life would change his, and his "eternal partner's", forever. A simple blow to "Mary's" head would be the turning point of this Hero's life, and would bring to light a quarter-century's worth of happiness, sorrow, terror, and uncertainty.

Weaponry Detail

  • Mk II "Dragon" power fist: Though the exact origins of this weapon is admittedly a bit ambiguous, it is presumed that the "Dragon" model was developed in one of the eastern branches of Hero Factory. In reality, it was commissioned by Hero Factory, and built by the legendary weaponmaker Alaric "Shadowstroke". It has a similar function to Atlas' and Kaixin's power fists, but with some notable differences. Ordinary power fists "replace" hands and cover the entire lower arm and are therefore cumbersome. The "Dragon" model is an attachment, much like a wrist blade, albeit bulkier. Little movement is compromised. In addition, an ordinary power fist's main function is to enhance kinetic energy from the user. The "Dragon" model does all of that, but earns its name by spitting out flames as the user punches. A deadly combination.
  • Four back-mounted "Reaper" mortar cannons: Smokestack's primary weapon, and his namesake. When not in use, they flip backwards, similar to porcupine's quills. They can then swivel forwards to form a mini artillery cluster. This weapon basically makes Xaedan a walking mortar tower. These weapons, of course, have massive recoil, and it is only through training that Xaedan is able to handle the knockback and still properly aim the arc of the artillery shells.
  • The Introvert Log: A Log that gives information about the future that affects the Holder. It reflects Xaedan's quiet, self-reliant personality. More info can be found here.


Xaedan is a very quiet person. He is on excellent terms with the rest of the Tau-4, whom he considers as family, but that really is about it. He has few additional friends outside of the Team, unlike, for example, Caine. He is buddy-buddy with Breez, Rocka, Bulk, and Surge, to name a few.

However, prior to his extraction from Infernum and before he regained his memory, he was described as quite brave, though stubborn. He would never shirk from danger, and always stood up for what he thought he was right. Of course, his stubborness sometimes causes him to go a bit too far, and he lands himself in trouble.

In addition, Xaedan does not like asking for help. This can be attributed to Xaedan's stubborness. That is not so much of a bad thing, since he knows that he can defend himself, and the other team members know it too. However, not being a team player is never a good thing.

However, Xaedan does possess great strength of mind. He's a Hero that's seen things no one should have ever seen, and has dealt with things that aren't even supposed to exist. Furthermore, he is perhaps the only person to share his unique mental bond with "Mary". And, yet, he still alive and kicking. One has to give Xaedan credit for that. 

Tournament Standings

Xaedan usually places around seventh or sixth in the Tau-4 Monthly Tournament. 

  • Xaedan is meant for long-range support, and, as such, has limited manuerverability. Instead, he has been given tough armor to compensate, which does help at close combat.
  • However, Xaedan's one and only melee weapon is what keeps him from being at the bottom of the ladder. His "Dragon" gauntlet is feared amongst his fellow members, and is sufficient for Xaedan to repel anyone that gets past his mortar barrages.
  • In addition, Xaedan is not allowed to call on "Mary", for fairness' sake. If "Mary" and Xaedan were permitted to work together, they are predicted to be in the top three.

During the year-end tournaments, Xaedan is allowed to summon "Mary"

  • The duo almost always place second during these matches.
  • While "Mary" covers the close-ranged combat with her flames, claws, and speed, Xaedan can continually pump out devastating artillery barrages. The two complement each other perfectly, overlapping each others' weaknesses.
  • Only Karin's Dreadnaught is able to defeat the fearsome duo, simply because of Karin's forcefields and Thornton's size. However, "Mary" and Xaedan have been able to defeat Karin once, with a mixture of skill, guts, and a bit of luck.


Maximum value of 12.

Strength: 10
Agility: 8
Toughness: 11
Mind: 11



  • Xaedan is, without a doubt, 

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