"You think of me as a villain? As if, hero."
―Xigbar to a hero
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Xigbar, also known as Braig is a rogue hero. He came from an unknown land, where a hero shouldn't be.


Xigbar was fighting a giant monster near a rocky mountain. After the battle he was scarred on his face, as some people mistook him for a bounty hunter. He found some equipment to help himself, and after a while he found out how to be trouble for the Hero Factory.

Abilities and Traits

Xigbar has ability of teleporting. He is also a master of guns, being a bit trigger happy sometimes. He can also stand upside down, reversing his own centre of gravity allowing him to stand on air.


Xigbar as Braig


  • "As if!"
  • "Oopsy-daisy!"
  • "Hay old coot!" -Xigbar to Akiyama Makuro
  • "Hallo, if you want to live, follow me!"
  • "It looks like hero boy saved us!"


Strength: 15
Agility: 23
Toughness: 15
Mind: 17



  • He is neither a villain, nor a bounty hunter, but he is a bad guy.
  • He wears an eye patch on his eye.
  • If you take the X out of Xigbar and mix up the letters it becomes Braig.
  • He was based on a bad guy in a video game called Kingdom Hearts.

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