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Xiphos Team
Hero Team

Hero Factory


Clawed Gun, Quaza Crossbow, 3 Meteor Blasters, Stone Scimitar, Electric Wakizashi




Hero Factory, Makuhero City

Xiphos Team is a Hero Factory team made up of four Heroes, Edward Gunner, Johnny Bomber, Jeremy Hull, and Calvin Length. They are the most famous and strongest team to ever live. Now, the original members Bomber, Hull, and Length have been replaced with Max Bomber, Alexandra Hull, Luis Blazer, and Simon Length.


When Preston Stormer observed this team, he was astounded. This was one team he would never forget. He sent these four Heroes on a mission to Quatros. This was when Bomber left. Their mission was to destroy all of Witch Doctor's drones. This team broke up when the other three Heroes retired. Gunner, Hull, and Length were then sent out to find Bomber. They brought Witch Doctor with them, since no one knows how to fix up Quaza structures more than him. A batttle was sought out, with Julius Nex incapacitating him. They removed his core first, then putting two Quaza spikes in his legs, they electrified him with some of Nex's power. Thus, Xiphos Team being reborn!!!! These four Heroes were the first to receive the "Elite" Hero Status. Three-Fourths of the original team are now deceased and have been replaced by their children.


  • Edward Gunner - Leader
  • Johnny Bomber - Second in Command(Former)
  • Jeremy Hull - Weapons Expert(Former)
  • Calvin Length - Sniper(Former)
  • Max Bomber - (Rookie, Second in command)
  • Alexandra Hull - (Rookie, Tech)
  • Simon Length -(Rookie, Weapons Expert)
  • Luis Blazer - Close combat and quatros specialist(Former, betrayed the factory)


  • This is the first team with all former Recon Agents.