Yuan-Jen Arymii is a Plashiis warrior, and part of the elite members of Hunter CORPS..

Yuan-Jen Arymii
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She is currently fighting in the invasion of the Hero Collegium. She notably fought Colin Rush and Jericho Caliber, and beat both of them before they fled. Later, she directed the shootings of the 120 students under the order from Elusive.


Equipment and Personality

She wears her family's traditional Battle armor, augmented with a forcefield projector to protect her exposed flesh. She is armed with three Rapiers, a reinforced wooden battering ram, and a grappling hook.

Very zealous for her cause, she listens to her orders without question. Coming from a race with gender equality, she is apalled by all the male centric races of the galaxy, and takes out her frustation on the battlefield. Despite not being highly religious, she still despises Makuro for his false godhood.


Maximum is 15

Strength: 12
Agility: 6
Toughness: 13
Mind: 8

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