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Z'Chaya is a well-known jungle planet and the home of the villanous Toxic Reapa


When Z'Chaya formed as a planet, we do not know. However, it is known for posessing lush jungles that are untidy and rotting in some parts. The planet also contains organic and mechanical creatures as well. Some of these creatures are arachnids. One of the planet's most notable inhabitants is the evil Toxic Reapa, who controls an army of his very own henchbots as well. His main base is Z'Chaya's Jungle Temple Ruins, which is his current wherabouts.

Aerial walkways over bodies of water are usually guarded and patroled by Toxic Reapa's henchbots. The waters are full of Licht Eels, which can give off a powerful shock to anyone who comes near them. However, they leave the henchbots alone for unknown reasons.

The Ruins is the most historical area on the entire planet, containing the Jungle Temple. Inside the Temple, more unknown things await - however, these "things" have not yet been documented. All of the planet's inhabitants also have a grudge against the Hero Factory, and Akiyama Makuro would soon place an embargo on them.

One thing not known largely about this planet is that it holds a prison in deep forest, it holds the worst of the worst of Hero Factory's enemies. Only one man live there though he is Bio-Blade.

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