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The ZETA Operation is a new project made by the Hero Factory, featuring six new heroes as part of the Zeta team.


The ZETA operation was made to operate different missions in more international locations, as the current Hero Factory can get overwhelmed with the mission log overloads.

No Travel For Misty Villains

This was the team's debut mission. They faced the villains of the mist known as Toxix, Pressuz and Fogder, as well as the notorious Dusk Master. Luckily, the heroes were great and succeeded this mission.

Battle of Acid Wharf

This was a notable mission, as the criminals Meltdown 2.0, Corroder 2.0, Thunder 2.0, Rotor 2.0 and Xplode 2.0 as well as the recently-escaped Vapour, were unleashed back into the world from their previous defeat and imprisonment. The team was very agile, and managed to defeat the villains and exile them out of the universe and into a void used by Von Nebula himself!

Team members:

  • Theodore Galaxy is the team leader of the operation. He’s relentless, sensible, and quite a charmer, but his first focuses are the team’s safety, and the mission. He’s never lost a battle on his own, so he and a team of other heroes guarantees a win.
  • Andy Byte is the newest rookie on the team, and is said to be named the next Team Leader when Theodore retires, though he isn’t exactly ready. He’s determined, and a bit hot-headed but a good friend. He is very interested in being a team leader, even though he may not be ready.
  • Brett Clash is the equivalent of a high school quarterback, with athletic skill, and a big hit with the ladies. But when it comes to Hero Factory, he’s all weapons, but not very smart. He’s good friends with Andy.
  • Rina Swift is the high-tech member of the team. Despite being the only female member of the team, she’s determined to fit in, and she does it well. She supplies lots of technical equipment, and is a weaponeer-in-training.
  • Roger Pace is Theodore’s right-hand man/second in command, and a skilled technician. He is very intricate and detailed, but he is very understandable. He is good friends with Rina because she wants to be a weapon-maker.
  • Jeff Flicker is one of Theodore’s best friends, and loves electricity, even though he’s very careful with it. Jeff has lots of tricks up his sleeve, as well as on a battlefield.