Zachary Autumn
Zachary Autumn

Hero Factory


Panther Claws



"Hopefully this is a dream..."
―Zachary Autumn

Zachary Autumn is a veteran hero charged with leading Hero Team Omega 64.


Zachary and his team were created as prototype 2.0 heroes. Along with being prototype 2.0 heroes, they all were also outfitted with prototype hero cores that could be supercharged without any permanent damage to the hero system. The tests were successful and soon by the 3.0 update, all heroes we outfitted with these cores.

Since the Omega 64 team was the only hero team outfitted with the supercharged hero cores before the 3.0 update, they were the only heros with enhanced abbilities. Most heroes got advanced strength and speed through the supercharged cores, but some like Zachary got advanced stealth and intelligence alongside strength and speed.

Zachary and his team went with Rocka to find Aldous Witch but got seperated before they could find him. Now his team is stranded in the jungle fighting a new enemy......

Abilities & Traits

Zachary has advanced strength and speed due to his supercharged core, but he also has advanced intelligence and stealth. He can formulate great battle plans and can stage ambush manuevers. He can also sneak up on enemies and easily assassinate them.


Zachary uses Panther Claws to slash and bash anything that comes his way. He can also silently assassinate enemies with its blades.

Zachary uses a Lime Green supercharged hero core.


  • Zachary Autumn was Kongu`s first moc to be put up on the Custom Hero Factory Wiki.