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Mini Form
IMG 0230-1-
Affiliation Hero Factory
Colors Orange, Purple
Team FoxTron 7 Team
Location Makuhero City
Status Alive
Zack Rydar is a Hero who was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City. Zack is currently on the FoxTron 7 team.


Acceptance into Recon Team

Sometime after he was built, Zack Rydar was on a rookie team. As a team leader, Zack was said to have suddenly disappeared. He later returned, saying that one of his teammates was gone. Zack was born as a natural leader, and wound up joining a Recon team.


Hot-headed, Zack is quick to act. He thinks of himself as number 1, and he always puts his teammates first. He knows that losing teammates is extremely difficult to get over.


"Come on kid, work your magic!"
―Zack Rydar


  • Zack Rydar's name and colors are based off of Zack Ryder from WWE.