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Zakk Bolt
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Zakk Bolt is a Biosteel hero created by the Hero Factory.


Zakk was created around the same time as Samuel Swamper. A freak lightning strike on the assembly tower when he was being constructed mutated the Biosteel, showing another one of it's many qualities: the ability to take on attributes from other elements in it's base state. Bolt is a member of the Bio 1 Hero Team, and was deployed to a Swamp Outpost to guard the biosteel harvesting facility.

After the Biosteel incident, he was recalled along with the rest of Bio 1 to Makuhero City, where he was assigned to the secretive H-Team. As part of this new assignment, all of Bio 1, including Zakk, were upgraded to 2.0.


Bolt once wielded an Electro-Blast Sword, and a pair of jetpacks on his arms that allowed him to fly. These jetpacks could also fire a concentrated blast of energy. When he was upgraded, his sword was modified to be smaller and more compact for close range fighting, while the energy powers of his jetpacks were concentrated into his Multi-Purpose Ice shield, although removing his ability to fly.


  • Zakk Bolt is a member of the H-Team