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Plasma caster, Knife


Alive, Incarcerated

Zeerock is a former hero who was changed and became a villain.


Zeerock was once a normal hero at the Hero Factory. On one of his missions he was ordered to capture the ghostly villain called Brandex. What he did not know was that Brandex had a plan to escape the hero factory. Brandex made a robotic bug in prison, to destroy the cage's doors. When he got out he threw away the robotic bug. The bug went inside Zeerock's armor and into his hero core. Turning him into a dark hero. He went to The Junkyard for a couple of years until Xigbar shot him in the back of the head where he fell on a Dark quaza stone, mutating him. He went to do some chaos around the junkyard.

He was then later sent to the Hero Factory Prison center.




  • The Mimic
  • The Monster
  • Chow


  • Before he became evil Zeerock actually liked Hero Factory
  • His second hero core is a part of a deceased Junk Retriever
  • His story started at the prison center and it also ended there

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