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Affiliation Shadow League
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Location unkown

"Where am I? Who am I?" Zero

IMG 20140317 211220~2


Zero was a Hero, but when he and his two brothers, Hero and Nero, were exploring in search of the ex-hero and hero slayer, Dragon Slayer, an explosion blew him and his brothers up,his brothers were found by Dragon Slayer and reassembled by him, they then served Dragon Slayer as his Assassins, but no one knows what happened Zero, except Cerebral Assassin, who secretly reassembled and improved him, to join him as the first recruit in the Shadow League. Zero knows nothing of his past, and Cerebral Assassin intends to keep it that way, for Zero is a great assassin and a loyal one too.


Zero is extremely unstable do to random malfunctions, it is best to hide and run when you see him, he will kill you.

Max 10

Strength: 10

Speed: 3

Intellect: 4

Danger: 10

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